With these strange COVID times, our 10 years plus club awards didn’t quite go to plan this year. We duly sent out the certificates in January, and then they stayed in the pile of post waiting for someone to open them.

Then we received an email from Aidan Treacy, a Director at Atlas Fine Wines thanking us for the certificate with a photo attached. This prompted me to get in touch to have a conversation with him about the TVision working partnership over the last 10 years with Atlas Fine Wines.


Danusia Jolliffe: Thank you for agreeing to speak with me today Aidan. And thanks for sending us your picture, it’s always great to see our clients with the certificate celebrating 10 years of working together. Can you tell me more about our partnership?

Aidan Treacy: We’ve been using the system for a long time now, and I guess the proof of how well it works is that we rarely need to get in touch with you. We rarely have any problems, but I know that your experts are always on hand should we ever need to talk to them.

DJ: That’s great to hear. How did you first start working with us?

AT: Some of employees knew you from their time at another TVision client. So we had an initial brainstorming session with Richard, one of your three founding Directors. And it all went from there.

DJ: Oh, that’s great to know. What are you plans for the future?

AT: We’re now on an older version of the system, so we’re setting our sights on upgrading. Having attended your recent Bevica User Group, I saw the roadmap – and I really like where the product development is going. Seeing how Bevica fits in with the update waves for Business Central gives me a lot of confidence about the future.

DJ: Yes, that was our first virtual Bevica User Group. Video calls, e.g. via Teams, are now a necessity for all business professionals, and will remain a substitute for face-to-face meetings for some time. However, I have every intention of holding in person meetings again for our users in Central London as we have done several times before – so watch this space!

AT: It was made very clear to the attendees that Bevica has made great strides in the last 18 months. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into developing your SaaS cloud version, such that users can take advantage of all the Microsoft updates as well as those in Bevica itself. Our main interest is access to all of those combined compatible developments, so that we can for example improve communications with third parties, as well as our pricing and product data. These improvements in turn can only lead to business process efficiencies and overall increased productivity.

DJ: What did you think of the format of the Bevica User Group?

AT: I think it works well, but maybe you could split the audience by the type of business, private client focused versus wholesale/distributor. We sometimes have different challenges even though we’re all in the same sector.

DJ: Thanks for the feedback. One last question – when did you want your hamper sent to the office?

AT: Let’s wait till more people are back in the office so we can share it together.

DJ: Of course, that sounds like a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. And here’s to the next 10 years of Atlas Fine Wines and TVision working together!

by Danusia Jolliffe, Marketing Manager, TVision