Woking,UK – 8 September 2022

TVision Technology are very proud to pledge their support for the international Women in Dynamics initiative.


The Women in Dynamics initiative was launched by Directions 4 Partners in early 2022 with the specific aim of creating more awareness of gender diversity and inclusion issues and igniting a change within the international Microsoft Dynamics community. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to increase the number of women working within the international IT workforce.

Current picture of IT in the UK

The most recent Tech Nation Report (2021) highlighted the fact that there is a growing demand for tech roles in the UK, with an increase of 40% within the past two years. However, there is still a large gender gap within UK tech companies. Although 49.8% of workers in the labour market as a whole are women, in tech, the percentage of female workers is half that, at 25.5%.

The international picture isn’t any better. 20 years ago, only 36% of the IT workforce were women. Since then, there has been a steady decline to 25%. And when you look at leadership positions, the percentage of women is even lower – 5% at CEO level and 11.5% at other top executive roles.

The Women in Dynamics Partner Pledge is therefore a very important instrument for change. The more Dynamics Partners that become members and actively champion the cause, the greater the opportunities there are for the inclusive recruitment and career growth required to narrow the significant gender gap still prevalent within the tech industry.

TVision’s balanced and diverse working environment

Here at TVision Technology, we pride ourselves on positively encouraging the recruitment and retention of female employees across our business.

  • 47% of our workforce is female.
  • 37.5% of the senior management team are women, including our Managing Director, Pippa Odell.
  • We have a people-centric, guilt-free, flexible working culture and, as a result, all staff, both male and female, are given the ability to adopt hybrid working patterns that allow them to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Reinforcing TVision’s support for the Women in Dynamics Partner Pledge, Managing Director, Pippa Odell, said: “The success of the Lionesses at this year’s Euros actively demonstrates the maxim that ‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it’. As a female business leader in a predominantly male industry, I understand the importance of women joining the sector to see another woman in a position of leadership. Women appreciate working within businesses where it is clear they won’t be discriminated against because of their gender, clearly demonstrating there is no glass ceiling.

“The management team at TVision have always understood the importance of offering all our staff flexible working conditions. We want to have access to bright, experienced, and capable people who will stay the distance with us. That means being prepared to offer them varying part-time contracts that allow them to not only work hard for us but also gives them time away from the business to recharge and the flexibility and freedom to fulfill their out-of-work responsibilities as well.”


About TVision Technology Ltd

TVision delivers efficiency, control, and growth by having one of the largest and most experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central teams in the UK. In addition to deep technical know-how, every member of the team takes real pleasure from implementing solutions that are just the right fit for your business – no matter what industry you are in, including Bevica our drinks industry-specific solution. That’s why our customers stay with us for the long term, whether they are implementing a new system, enhancing their existing deployment, or looking for an outstanding support partner.