As Friarwood’s business has grown and evolved, its systems have expanded to include ePOS and ecommerce solutions, warehousing, CRM and finance. Many of these critical business functions operated on separate systems using spreadsheets that were not integrated. This meant that accurate financial reporting was time consuming, and open to error due to the manual data entry copied from one system to another.

This had reached a level that was in danger of hampering Friarwood’s growth ambitions, something the management team was quick to recognise as a threat. At the top of its priority list was a need to integrate its ecommerce and POS platform, Vend, with the traditional business to ensure stock control, logistics, and revenues were accurately monitored and reported. It was also critical that the company could integrate its core Microsoft tools – Outlook, Excel, etc.

Having delivered out-of-the-box ERP systems for a number of drinks businesses, the TVision team already had a strong understanding of the challenges Friarwood faced, and the specific functionality that underpins a successful implementation in the wine sector. This helped us deliver a functional, cloud-based system quickly and with minimal upheaval.

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, Bevica naturally integrates the key office tools which the team work with day-to-day, minimising the amount of time needed to get the team up-to-speed with the new system and making for a smooth transition from the old platforms. Bevica has industry-specific features for stock control, accounting and P&L, integrates all of Friarwood’s previously disparate warehouse management, CRM, purchasing and P&L into one, end-to-end solution.

As the industry has evolved, so Friarwood has adapted its business to cater for clients’ changing needs. It now offers online sales alongside its south London shops as well as trade ordering.This makes reporting across any part of the business as simple as clicking a button.

A fundamental requirement, and one that needed specific development, was the integration of the Vend ecommerce and POS software that Friarwood was using to ensure that online and offline sales, stock control, and order fulfilment were synchronised. This was easily achieved via Dynamics NAV Web Services, and ensures Friarwood’s customers are able to experience the same excellent service, whichever channel they use to make their purchases.

As well as this improved functionality, the cloud-based nature of Bevica means that the Friarwood team can access the information they need wherever they are. So whether they are in the office, at home or out visiting clients, they can access up to date stock information, business performance metrics or customer account info, enabling them to give immediate responses to customer requests and be alerted to stock outages before they even occur.

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