Built on 20 years of experience and providing drinks industry best practices, Bevica is perfectly positioned, linking with other Microsoft products: Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps, as well as integrating with your business partners: e-commerce, retail, warehousing, etc.

Used by top UK drinks industry businesses, there’s a growing community of companies who have chosen Bevica’s drinks ERP software.

Bevica takes full advantage of our connected world, bringing together business applications with tools for mobility, communication and collaboration.

Watch the following video featuring Celine Comyn from the Comyn Consultancy to find out more about Bevica and how she introduces her clients to the solution.

Share information using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power BI, and SharePoint and drill into the details within Bevica without the need to change from one application to the other. When your email, calendar, and files seamlessly come together with your data, reports and business processes, you get an integrated experience that no other drinks ERP software can match. Take advantage of inbuilt Microsoft integration; link up your O365 account, create reports in Excel, mail merge to Word, communicate via Skype, ask Cortana AI or analyse on Power BI.

Our drinks industry ERP software, Bevica, is truly portable, giving instant access to all your business information on the go, on your browser, mobile or tablet.

Bevica includes

  • Finance & General Ledger
  • Reporting & KPIs
  • Sales Order Processing & Purchase Order Processing
  • Production
  • Duty Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • CRM

Bevica Highlights

Role Tailored Client

There’s a Bevica Role Centre for each functional area configured to give you quick and easy access to relevant information with on-screen KPIs, giving quick access and transparency to the things that matter to them.

Financial Control and Insight

Real-time visibility of all system transactions means you can quickly and easily make decisions and see how your business is performing.


Pick and choose the packs and add-ons you need. During workshop sessions, we will go through and explain the features available.

Third-Party Warehouse Integration

Send orders, customer returns, and transfers electronically to your preferred warehouse. Reconcile stock levels to capture and deal with stock issues before they become an issue.

Landed Cost Management

Establish an accurate cost to enable margin analysis and accurate valuation. You decide what elements make up cost: freight, RH&D, pallet charges, commission, etc.

Inventory Control

Complete stock visibility. How much you have Duty Paid / In Bond, where your stock is, and who it’s promised to.

Production Management

Available for wineries, distilleries and breweries, with supply chain and distribution management for end-to-end processes.

Reporting KPIs

A collection of reports in Bevica and Jet ready to go; finance, CRM, sales, purchasing and inventory.


Hold and track information against suspects, prospects, customers and suppliers. Target Bar Managers, Sommeliers, Sales Directors, and any other personas you have identified.

Direct Ship

Manage ExCellar orders quickly without the need to manually create and link Sales to Purchases, as well as contract pricing, RED’s Invoicing and commission order processing.

Duty Management:

See exactly how much stock you have In Bond vs. Duty Paid, and calculate your total duty liability on orders.

Item Marketing

Produce tasting notes/tech sheets from a wealth of drinks industry-specific information held against items; such as Producer, Region / Sub Region, style, tasting notes…

Intelligent Pricing

Manage In Bond or Duty Paid pricing with ease. Set pricing and discounting rules to make sure you are in control of the price the customer pays.

Bevica in the Cloud

Set up and manage your drinks ERP system in the cloud (private or public). Get the benefits of reliable, secure, and powerful IT systems without the up-front capital investments and ongoing costs of maintenance.


Bevica’s drinks ERP system is immediately accessible on browser, tablet or mobile. Start using Bevica on any device, anywhere.

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