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Delight customers and increase sales using Bevicas beverage CRM sales software.

Our beverage ERP software enables you to make CRM and Customer Service central to your entire business. CRM operates across the software, bringing together Vendors, Customers, and Prospects, linking financial and operational information within Bevica’s beverage sales software.

Store the information that helps you improve and personalise your relationship with all your business partners. Each contact has an address, phone/email, job responsibility, marketing preferences and classifications. At a glance, you can see who the person responsible for finance is, the bar manager or head buyer – then click a button to send them an email or call them. This improves efficiency and allows you to work almost exclusively from Bevica’s beverage CRM sales software.

Did you know that you can view your Bevica contact information directly within Microsoft Outlook? Manage business interactions directly within Outlook, create and process sales/purchase orders and view and send posted financial documents, such as statements and invoices. Quotes and Orders can be assigned to individual contacts for that personal touch.

Contact Profiling

Within Bevica’s cloud CRM software, more information can be held using Profiling and Questionnaires. What your contacts like to buy, upcoming events they would like to be told about, styles and types of products they prefer, the offers and campaigns they have been invited to. In addition, within Bevica, you can automatically categorise and group your customer contacts based on sales information: i.e. by turnover, number/frequency of orders, and average sales.

Company-Wide Visibility

With this beverage ERP software, your sales team will be able to take full advantage of Bevica’s integrated functionality. They can review sales history, outstanding orders / unpaid invoices, and go over any conversations had with them – be fully prepared. Whilst with the client, they can update information, create an order or negotiate prices. If they see a new restaurant, club or sales opportunity, they can create it quickly and easily using any browser or mobile/tablet App. Opportunities are Bevica’s pipeline tool, aimed at giving management the visibility needed to track and report on incoming business. With sales cycles and probability calculations, it guides the process via tasks and quotes.

Campaigns & Events

Campaigns and events can also be managed within Bevica’s ERP software. You can import a list of prospects and have the systems warn you of any duplicates or take advantage of the contact and sales information already there to create a segment of people built from your criteria. What products have they previously bought or not bought, what customer group do they belong to, have we communicated with them in the past month, what have they said they are interested in, etc.?

With our cloud CRM features, any list of contacts can be used as the starting point for further marketing activity: new opportunities assigned to the sales force to follow up, a call list for the sales admin team to go through, or emails inviting people to a tasting or event.


Within Bevica’s beverage CRM and customer service software, you can set and manage your internal workload by assigning tasks. Prepare customers for follow-up calls, plan weekly order calls, and see your sales team’s planned activities. Created individually or in bulk, they can help you keep on top of interactions with customers, vendors and prospects.

To find out more about our beverage ERP software, please get in touch with the team, who will be happy to help.

Clients using Bevica successfully to run their business

CRM & Customer Service features

  • Contact Management & Classification
  • CRM specific Role Centre & Charts
  • Business Inbox for Outlook
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Campaign Management & Pricing
  • Email Logging
  • Sales Force Management
  • Opportunity (Pipeline) Management
  • Sales Cycle Control
  • CRM Sales Quotes
  • Tasks/To-do Management
  • Image Recognition
  • Interaction / Document Management
  • Segmentation Analysis based on classification, profiling, and sales history
  • Event Management
  • GDPR compliant

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