Inventory Control Software

Bevica’s beverage inventory control software allows you to easily manage your alcohol inventory, including wine, beers, and spirits, as well as; point of sale, foodstuffs, soft drinks, barware, etc. Our systems give you complete inventory control and help with inventory management, so you know where your stock is, when it’s coming in and who it’s promised to, all whilst tracking costs at tranche/batch level. Making sure you can guarantee supply to all your best customers is essential. Seamlessly part of Bevica, your stock position and valuation will be updated as transactions are processed.

Easy Set-Up

With Bevica’s inventory control software, items are easily set up with their specific units of measure, attributes, costs, and prices to simplify inventory control for your business. The item list quickly becomes the central place for Product buyers and managers who can ensure all necessary details are set before allowing the rest of the business access; units of measure, bar code, prices, and waste packaging details. Salespeople and order takers can easily view stock levels, who the item has been allocated or promised to, and check prices and discounts. The marketing department can filter items by region, producer and/or list price. They can also add awards, marketing notes, and press releases and incorporate items into marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

Warehouse / Production managers can plan with greater certainty using Bevica’s innovative beverage inventory systems. From creating detailed production schedules, showing stock availability and ensuring warehouse inventory is stocked and ready for that busy period. Finance can review incoming orders, expected sales for cash flow, goods received not invoiced and posted duty liability.

Watch the following video to find out how Bevica helped SWIG gain control of their business management processes.

Plan Stock with Ease

With the inventory control software tools available, Demand Planners can better project and plan stock levels. Using historical information, view trends by item or item and customer across vintages, looking for sales trends and anomalies. Use the previous month’s sales to calculate an estimated stock holding. Create requisition journals and purchase orders to return the stock to the black.

Production Management

Do you need control of your production, be it bulk liquid bottling, mixed packs, distilling, or winemaking? Bevica can accurately keep on top of costs and help with inventory control at all levels. Create a Bill of Materials for your finished product with its recipe or assembly components and costs in our bill of material management software. Use Assembly orders to manage and replenish assembly items to stock.

End-to-End Control

Do you run your own stockroom, storage facility, or warehouse? Bevica’s drinks inventory control software can manage all the processes needed, from receipts and put-aways to picks and shipments. Manage your warehouse with bins, rotation, batch, or serial numbers.

Add-Ons Available

With one of the many add-ons available within our drinks inventory control software, you can improve speed and accuracy with Barcode Scanning. All warehouse transactions are barcode-enabled, allowing warehouse staff to create and post movements while walking around.

If you would like to find out more about our beverage inventory control software, please get in contact with a member of our team today.

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Movements Ledger
  • Full duty control / classification
  • Item Attributes / Categories
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Batch / Lot / Rotation traceability
  • Marketing Classifications (Region, Sub-Region, Producer)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Marketing / Awards / Press Notes
  • Automated duty clearances, (Duty Free to Duty Paid).
  • Multiple Warehouses Misc. stock adjustments with Reason code
  • Inter-warehouse transfers
  • Ex-Cellar Order processing (Back-to-back)
  • Prepare Mixed packs
  • Stocktake / Cycle counting – stock count sheets


  • Warehouse Movements Ledger
  • Warehouse Put-aways / Picks
  • Full duty control / classification
  • Batch / Lot / Rotation traceability
  • Integrated Return Management Authorisation (RMA)
  • Reservations
  • Best Before Dates
  • Stocktake / Cycle counting – stock count sheets
  • Automated duty clearances, (Duty Free to Duty Paid).
  • Multiple Warehouses Misc. stock adjustments with Reason code
  • Inter-warehouse transfers
  • Warehouse Bins


  • Consumption/Output Movement Ledger
  • Bill of Materials
  • Assembly Orders
  • Bottling
  • Mixed Packs
  • Production schedule

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