We understand that wineries and vineyards are about more than just wine. As well as the winery and its associated grape-to-glass processes, many also have an estate that needs managing with small to large-scale events held; there may also be tours and tastings, a restaurant/café, and cellar door and an online experience. And all of this can be on a small craft vineyard site or at a multi-million-pound winery venue. Our winery ERP software is suitable for all sizes of organisations.

Multiple business streams

All of these separate business activities need to be financially managed and reported on in an effective manner, Bevica is the ERP for wine you need to run all of these different business units. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Bevica allows you to streamline your business processes, increase productivity, and allow any time, anywhere, or device access for your users.

Stockroom and warehousing

For your winery’s stockroom, storage facility, or warehouse, Bevica manages all the inventory processes, from production and purchase planning to receipts, picks and shipment. Control your warehouse with bins, rotation, batch, or serial numbers. Install barcode scanning, allowing warehouse staff to be as productive as possible.

When looking at the tourism-related part of your business in the CRM area, you can quickly see the information that helps you improve and personalise your relationship with your customers and all business partners. You can track who attends your events, invite them to your upcoming events, sell tickets report on this success financially. Shopify integration lets you manage both your eCommerce site and POS cellar door.

An integrated single platform

You will be able to take control of your entire wine business; inventory, production and compliance, supply chain and warehousing, cost control, sales, eCommerce, and CRM whilst using a leading finance solution with KPI insights as standard. Power BI dashboards will also provide immediate visibility based on how you set up your business units. An integrated system gives you one-time data entry, doing away with duplication of effort and the errors that can cause. A new customer and their details are immediately available to sell to, start CRM activity with reporting updating in real-time. These multiple business functions can be managed as separate business entities, which can then be rolled up into one so that you have oversight of how your entire business is performing at all times. This ensures you always make the most informed business decision based on real-time data that is easily and instantly accessible. Using a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to manage all your operations saves time and money, avoiding the need for dedicated IT functions – servers and backups are all managed for you.

If you are looking for winery management software that brings every element of your business together, Bevica is the choice for you. Get in touch to find out more.

Some of our clients using Bevica successfully to run their business

Chapel Down image of vineyard - low ground view

Image provided by Chapel Down.

Chapel Down

We successfully went live with Chapel Down, England’s leading and largest wine producer in early 2024. With an award-winning range of sparkling and still wines, the company owns, leases and sources from 1,023 acres of vineyards in South-East England.

Chapel Down decided to move to Bevica because they wanted to improve their processes, gain better visibility of financial and operational performance, and have an ERP that will scale with their business growth ambitions.

To find out more about their implementation, you can read our press release here. Other benefits Bevica can offer businesses like Chapel Down, include:

Seamless integration with the Microsoft stack:

  • Synchronise your contacts and their activities across the business with Outlook contacts and email
  • Set appointments with Microsoft Bookings
  • Communicate and collaborate with Teams
  • Edit data in Excel
  • Extend workflow capabilities using Power Apps and Power Automate.

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