Duty Management Software

Integral to Bevica is the treatment and control of Excise Duty management. With our beverage ERP software, save time and money, and let Bevica manage and control your duty and VAT liability to HMRC. Items, transactions, and stock are set up and posted according to HMRC rules, with automatic calculation and accrual of duty values.

Easy to Manage

From the moment an item is created, the beverage ERP software holds the information necessary to purchase, produce, manage transfers, and sell both Duty-Free and Duty Paid. Duty enhancements extend to making managing duty changes, sales, and purchase pricing as easy as possible. Date-ranged duty tables hold the reference information needed and inventory logic to recognise when clearances to Duty Paid are processed, Bevica creates the necessary stock movements, uplifting inventory cost and accruing Duty.

Real-World Stock Management

Whether you are using a third-party warehouse or your own, stock always reflects the real world. Using our duty management software, stock can be receipted Duty-Free, then, depending on its destination, transferred to another bonded store or exported, with no duty implication, or cleared to Duty Paid.

Intelligent Scheduling

Aside from the financial uncertainty that excise duty changes cause, it never need be an issue operationally… have you stayed late in the office changing sales prices, do you need to revert to your calculator and excel to update item costs? Bevica’s duty management software could not be simpler. To ensure new duty rates are applied at the correct time, enter the new rates, and start date and let Bevica do the rest.


Bevica’s duty management software allows you to comply with Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) requirements and the Authorised Wholesalers Registration Scheme (AWRS). Record every relevant AWRS URN, and the last time it was checked as part of your essential duty management requirements.

Sales Pricing

Managing your sales prices need not be a headache. Bevica’s duty management software applies the most specific pricing, making it as easy and transparent as possible to set the prices you want to charge. Inherent duty logic means that you have complete flexibility in how you create and manage prices, either Duty-Free or Duty Paid, with the system calculating the correct price at the time of sale. Duty management has never been easier.

Even more on Sales Pricing…

For any sales price, you can also set valid start/end dates, product size and quantity breaks, incl. / excl. VAT. Most specific pricing hierarchy lets you select at what level any price is to be applied: for a specific campaign, customer, group of customers, or globally.

If you would like to find out more about our duty management software features, get in contact with a specialist today.

Management features

  • Duty Ledger – audits every duty compliant movement
  • Automatic duty calculation and accrual
  • Duty controlled transactions
  • Duty specific alternative delivery points
  • Record bonded store Warehousekeepers references
  • Fiscal codes and rates, managed by date
  • Duty refund postings / destruction
  • Sales Prices include duty calculation logic
  • Simple rotation number control in Warehouse
  • Bulk Import / Export sales price routines
  • Record your Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI)
  • Store your AWRS, your customer’s / vendor’s
  • Bond to Bond transfers

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