Discover how a Bevica Select rapid ERP installation can improve business productivity

When you are ready to implement a new business management solution for your drinks industry business, you want a rapid installation that will allow you to start reaping the benefits as quickly as possible. At the same time, you want to make sure that the deployment is done properly and successfully. Find out how Bevica Select is the product offering to make this happen.

Here at Bevica, we specialise in the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for businesses in the drinks industry. Building on the success we have had with our drinks customers over the last 20 years, we have recently developed an installation process that is pre-packaged, dependable and quick.

Deployed as a cloud solution, Bevica is designed to minimise up-front capital expenditure and give flexibility with a simple, per-user, per-month subscription model. That means no difficult decisions about up-front investment at a time when cash flows are uncertain, and giving you powerful business insights from the get go – even when you’re out and about.

The winning combination of Bevica and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bevica is powered by Microsoft, and as such benefits from access to the Microsoft stack. However, it is the core functionality of Business Central with the specific drinks industry focus that makes it so perfect for our clients.

It includes all of the following unique features which are ready to use from day one, with further functionality available as and when required after go live.

Bevica Select: a rapid installation option for small, ambitious businesses

Bevica Select is aimed at small but ambitious businesses that want a quick and cost-effective plan for getting up and running with the Bevica business management solution. Features include:

  • A defined project plan which, if followed, will allow businesses to achieve a rapid go-live
  • An online training portal with full training environment
  • A production environment with packaged drinks industry features and setup
  • Easy to use data migration templates
  • Pre-configured go-live ready company
  • Standard go-live configuration.

The benefits of businesses choosing a Bevica Select rapid installation include:

  • No large, upfront implementation costs
  • Easy monthly subscription costs (up to five users)*
  • Rapid installation time (as long as the defined project plan with its project milestones is followed correctly).

*For current subscription costs, contact us at

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