Creating smooth and seamless operations, Bevica provides a unified supply chain experience. Product information, stock, customer pricing, and sales data are all centrally managed, streamlining processes from supplier to consumer.

Supply Chain

With fully-featured supply chain management, Bevica lets you control all types of procurement and sales – from purchasing raw materials, point of sale material, and sundries to selling services, event tickets, drinks, and food.

Control Purchasing Activities

Take control of all your purchasing activities with Bevica’s supply chain management software. Process multi-currency Duty-Free or Duty Paid orders with the correct duty-relevant prices. Plan and track committed orders using requested and promised dates, haulier codes, and production and shipping lead times. This information is visible to all, so gone are the days the purchasing team is called by the sales team to confirm when a product is due. Efficiently managing the order to receipt to invoice process, automated supply chain routines then help plan how much is available and when to pay suppliers.

Stock Allocation

Create Blanket Purchase Orders to manage your allocation of stock promised by suppliers across your supply chain. Record how much and when quantities were promised with their own specific prices. Drawdown as necessary leaving balances yet to be ordered, shipped, or delivered. Bevica’s Credit management tools give credit controllers a customer dashboard with invoice and payment history, tasks and notes, also the ability to hold orders that fall foul of pre-set rules.

Accurate Records

A number of sales transactions cover all bases: Sales Credits and Return Orders make sure you have the appropriate QC and financial controls. Additionally, the ability to apply these transactions to invoices means that margins are kept accurate with a warning if a customer tries to return more than was sold to them. Sales Quotes, Orders, and Blanket orders make sure your stock goes to the correct customer at the right time. Be it under negotiation, for later delivery, or planned as part of a larger campaign, industry best practice processes exist in Bevica to ensure your supply chain is kept accurately informed and priced at all times.

Complete Control of Stock

Comprehensive pricing and discounting structure lets you manage Duty-Free / Duty Paid prices (duty changes need never be a headache again) at price list/retail, customer, campaign, or price band level. Sales Blanket orders can be used to manage large contracts where multiple deliveries are required, such as Christmas deliveries for corporate clients – invoiced individually or in bulk. Bevica’s supply chain management software can help you take complete control of all your stock requirements, no matter the size.

Mobile Access

With Bevica’s mobile capabilities, why not let your sales force share information directly with the customer in your supply chain. Show your customer their recent sales summary, print and send them their statement, negotiate price changes or discuss stock availability. Easily create Sales Quotes or Orders that can then be reviewed for margin and approved before going to be approved and credit checked before delivery.

Purchase to Pay

  • Vendor & Purchase Ledger – multi currency
  • Vendor- Head office / Branch / Collection Address structure
  • Multiple Alternative Order Addresses
  • Purchase Price/Discount Management, incl. Duty pricing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Haulier
  • Ex-Cellar sales processing
  • Purchase Approvals
  • Purchase Quotes, Return Orders, Invoices, Credits, Blanket Orders Calendar & lead times
  • Suggested Payments routine
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Reporting and Budgets
  • Authorised Wholesalers Registration Scheme (AWRS) compliance
  • Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) compliance
  • Bulk Email Document Management
  • Automated OCR
  • Purchase Invoice creation Lot / Batch / Rotation number tracking

Order to Cash

  • Customer & Sales Ledger – multi currency
  • Customer- Head office / Branch / Delivery Address structure
  • Multiple Ship-to Addresses
  • Favourites / Wine List Ordering
  • Credit Management / Held Sales Orders
  • Sales Price & Discount Management, incl. Duty status pricing
  • Salespeople
  • Sales Approvals
  • Invoice discounting
  • Sales Line Margin visibility
  • Sales Quotes, Return Orders, Invoices, Credits, Blanket Orders
  • Campaign Management
  • Shipping Agents / Services Calendar & lead times
  • Sales Analysis Reporting and Budgets Moving Annual Totals (MAT) sales trend reporting at company and customer level
  • Reservations AWRS compliance
  • Lot / Batch / Rotation number tracking
  • Flexible ageing of debts
  • Bulk Email Document Management

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