While the standard Bevica functionality is perfectly suited to many businesses in the drinks industry, if you’re looking for more specific functionality, a range of powerful enhancements can be added. Bevica is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, which means there is great flexibility in how enhancements can be created to provide extended functionality within Bevica, from Microsoft and third parties.

Built on 20 years of experience and providing drinks industry best practice, Bevica is a perfectly positioned drinks industry software. Linking with other Microsoft products: Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps, as well as integrating with your business partners: e-commerce, retail, warehousing, etc.

Bevica is used by top UK drinks industry businesses, there’s a growing community of companies who have chosen our Bevica drinks ERP software.

Bevica ERP software takes full advantage of our connected world, bringing together business applications with tools for mobility, communication and collaboration.

Share information using Word, Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, drill into the details within Bevica without the need to change from one application to the other. When your email, calendar, and files seamlessly come together with your data, reports and business processes, you get an integrated experience that no other stand-alone drinks ERP software can match.

Our drinks ERP, Bevica, is truly portable, giving instant access to all your business information on the go, on your browser, mobile or tablet.


As well as of the base Bevica drinks industry software functionality, there is additional drink specific extended functionality.


Bevica’s integration with the Microsoft stack empowers users to work smarter and faster; emails, to-dos in your calendar and data exported directly to Excel. You can share data and reporting securely with SharePoint and Power BI, and communicate via Microsoft Teams. This makes Bevica one of the most diverse and efficient drinks ERPs out there.

Third Party

Bevica integrates with third parties to provide the following services;

  • Fine Wine market values
  • Third-party warehouse order and stock reconciliation with LCB
  • E-commerce, digital marketing together with content management
  • Retail and POS
  • EMCS provisions
  • Courier integration

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