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Bevica is the only “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD) ERP solution designed specifically for and with the drinks industry, and we’re proud of that fact. Why? Because it means our customers can be confident that their software solution has Microsoft’s seal of approval at the highest level.

CfMD explained

CfMD is more than just a rubber stamp. To become certified, any solution developed by a partner must pass several stringent controls designed to ensure Microsoft Dynamics NAV users enjoy the highest possible quality of software and support.

Microsoft run an accreditation program that sets a small group of proven, tested, and recommended business solutions apart from thousands of other solutions that have not met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-developed solutions. The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Bevica solution can give you the confidence you need when you consider buying a business management software because it provides:

Seamless Integration

The solution is fully integrated with core NAV capabilities – no noticeable transition from core to extended functionality.

Market Proven

Used and recommended by other companies like yours.

Seamless Integration

Bevica is fully integrated with core NAV capabilities. From a user’s point of view there are no rough edges, therefore no noticeable transition from core to extended functionality. From a business point of view, this is critical to ensure true end-to-end visibility of your business from supply chain management, to stock and inventory control, and through to CRM, with full financial control and no gaps to complicate your reporting.

Market Proven

To become certified for Microsoft Dynamics, any solution must be proven in the marketplace: Microsoft insists on at least 6 current client references to guarantee the solution is fit for purpose and worthy of certification. This means when you invest in Bevica, it’s already been proven to work for companies like yours.

Support Capabilities

Our clients will all tell you that our support levels go far beyond that of many ERP solutions providers. Microsoft sets a high bar of expected support which includes a clear development roadmap, online support resources, and clear SLA’s.

Being an ‘Approved Software’ means

  • The solution is developed to Microsoft development standards
  • Contains uniform User Experience and usability
  • Provides context sensitive Help files and a suite of training material
  • Can be installed and set up with using standard installation routines
  • Integrates fully with Microsoft technologies
  • Can be upgraded and maintained using standard tools
  • Practised Backup and Restore capabilities

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To learn more about any Bevica, or request a demo, please get in touch. Our team have all been designed to assist with repetitive processes that many finance functions carry out either regularly or at least monthly.