Over the last 18 months, many businesses have found their split between online and offline selling has shifted dramatically. More and more businesses are turning to e-commerce options to meet customer demand and reach new markets. And, as a result, they are finding a need for improved integration between their ERP / finance system and their web store. With this in mind, TVision have recently started partnering with Sana Commerce to offer a more integrated e-commerce solution to our clients.


What is Sana Commerce?

Sana Commerce is a solution that offers real-time integration between your ERP and your e-commerce solution. Unlike most traditional e-commerce solutions which offer an interface between themselves and your ERP, this solution is fully integrated into your ERP.

What is an interfaced e-commerce solution?

With an interfaced e-commerce solution, your ERP and e-commerce solution are two completely separate entities. They are joined, or interfaced, with a limited number of connectors, or APIs. As a result:

  • Not all data in one system is available in the other.
  • Not all functionality of one system is available in the other.
  • Data needs to be synchronised between the two systems which can lead to delays in updating important information such as price increases or stock levels.

What is an integrated e-commerce solution?

In contrast, Sana Commerce is an integrated e-commerce solution. This means that it is plugged directly into your ERP. It uses approximately 46 standard integration points between your ERP and the e-commerce solution, with the ability for further customised integration. As a result:

  • All ERP data is available in the Sana e-commerce platform in real-time.
  • All ERP functionality is available in the e-commerce platform.
  • Changes to stock level, price, and other important information only needs to be made once.

Key features of Sana Commerce

As a modern, integrated e-commerce solution, Sana Commerce includes the following key product functionality:

  • A fast-performing front-end build with B2B optimised checkout functionality.
  • A state of the art visual designer for intuitive, user-friendly content management.
  • UX-optimised Sana admin centre for easy web store administration.
  • Out of the box integration with over 60 3rd party market places and email marketing tools such as PayPal and Mailchimp.
  • Front-end API to build out headless, API-based front-end experiences.

Key benefits for your business

Using Sana Commerce’s integrated e-commerce solution has three key benefits for both you and your customers:

  1. The personalised buying experience Sana Commerce offers will create total customer convenience.
  2. Seamless integration between your ERP and the e-commerce solution will give you consistent information across all buying channels, thus providing reliability without compromise.
  3. The constant evolution of the Sana environment will allow you to quickly adapt to customer demands and market change.

Watch our webinar

To learn more about Sana Commerce and how it could benefit your business, watch our webinar on demand:

Improve customer experience and streamline your business processes with Business Central Integrated E-Commerce

You can watch an in depth demo from Alexander Jennings-Temple of Sana Commerce on how their solution could work for you.

How can TVision help you?

TVision is one of the largest and most experienced providers of Business Central and NAV in the UK. If you want to explore how you can use Business Central and Sana Commerce together to improve your business processes, please feel free to contact us to arrange a demo.