Reliable inventory control is a vital part of the successful running of any drinks business. If you want to keep on top of your business, you need to have a clear picture of your stock: where it is, when it’s coming in, and who it’s promised to. At the same time, you need to keep a track of all your inventory-related costs: purchase and ordering, holding, storage & handling costs, transport and raw materials. In this blog, we take a look at eight of the top inventory control features that Bevica can offer your business.

1. Duty Management

Bevica allows for the easy management of those parts of your inventory that are duty-controlled, as well as foods, points of sale, etc. With Duty Management you track all your duty free and duty paid stock seamlessly. Bevica automatically calculates duty when required, accruing for it and adding it as a cost of sale. Additionally, you can set sales and purchase prices correctly, including or excluding duty.

2. Great visibility over your inventory costs

Imagine being able to manage your inventory costs to include elements such as Freight, courier/delivery charges, marketing contributions, RH&D and Insurance. With Bevica’s Distribution Cost Management functionality, you can record, accrue for and reconcile expected additional costs incurred as part of buying, selling or transferring your stock.

3. Bevica Item Reservations

With stock often in short supply, you can retain complete control of who your stock and planned purchases are assigned to. Record your customers’ demand and allocate it against current stock or incoming purchases. You can always make sure the correct customer gets the stock you want them to get.

4. Multiple Item Units of Measure

Bevica holds an unlimited number of product formats. You can hold stock by volume, bottle size, weight, pack/case size or just by the unit. Product setup assigns each item with its purchase, stocking and sales units of measure, for example purchase in pallets, sell in cases and bottles.

5. Bevica Item Attributes

Enhance your product marketing information with Bevica’s item attributes. These are available to filter / sort on, export, and use on sales documents. These fields include:

  • Brand, Region, Subregion, Grape/Ingredient/Blend details
  • Allergens
  • Alcohol %, Vintage, Drink from/to
  • Waste packaging information
  • A number of attributes you can define
  • Marketing Notes (Tasting, Food Matching, Awards, Production information)

6. Setting up multiple locations

With Bevica you can set up as many Bevica Locations (warehouses) as you need. This will ensure that you always know where your stock is. With this feature, you can manage your own warehouse or storeroom, integrate with third party warehouses, such as LCB or Vinotheque, or track locations you use to manage stock held En Primeur abroad.

7. Managing and tracking warehouse Rotation Numbers

Assigning your inventory movements with a Rotation number or Lot number will ensure that you have full traceability. You can assign tracking IDs to any inbound movement, manage those IDs as stock moves between locations and then is ultimately dispatched and sold. Additionally, integration with third party warehouse gives you to ability to instruct them which rotation number to pick from.

8. Reporting

There are a number of inventory reports and on-screen details available within Bevica to track inventory and sales. These include:

  • Full stock movements visibility, including, Location, Movement Date, Quantities, Units of Measure, Purchase costs, Sales values and margins
  • Item Availability Overview: Easily see where your stock is and on what transactions it’s allocated against.
  • Customer/Item Sales Analysis: View who is buying your products, with date ranged quantities and pricing.
  • Item Moving Annual Total Sales Analysis: Spot sales trends and patterns with a rolling 12-month sales history, based on item totals or filtered by customer.
  • Inventory Sales Margins: Ensure your margins are what you expect, every sale line calculates a cash margin and percent.

Why Bevica is THE drinks industry ERP solution for you!

Developed over the last 20 years and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Bevica is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP solution) for the drinks industry. Its unique feature set will enable businesses of any size, in any sector of the drinks industry, to manage and gain insight from every part of their business.

Features include:

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