Reliable inventory control plays a very important part in the successful running of any wine business. It is vital that your business has a clear picture of your stock: where it is, when it’s coming in, and who it’s promised to. Find out more about the role that rotation numbers play in inventory control and how the Bevica system uses them within its inventory management functionality.

What is a rotation number?

Rotation numbers, along with serial and lot numbers, are a way for warehouse managers to keep track of the stock moving into, around and out of their warehouses. Modern warehouse management uses tracking IDs, in the form of barcodes, to ensure that the exact location and condition of the stock item is recorded and tracked within their warehouse management system.

In the wine industry, rotation numbers can be assigned to a particular case of wine (particularly in fine wines) or entire pallets of a single wine that has been received into the warehouse.

The importance of rotation numbers in fine wines

Rotation numbers are particularly important in the fine wine market where the ability to confirm a wine’s provenance is key.

Fine wine held in the UK will generally be stored in a specialised, bonded warehouse. When a case of fine wine is received at the warehouse, it will be assigned a rotation number. This number, and the warehouse records linked to it, are very valuable when a fine wine owner wants to prove the wine provenance to a prospective buyer. They confirm that the wines have been stored correctly and are the genuine article (not been replaced by a counterfeit product).

Rotation Numbers and Bevica

Bevica has specific functionality which allows users to manage and track warehouse rotation numbers. Rotation numbers are assigned against inbound documents (such as purchase orders, sales return orders and transfer orders) and recorded against their Item Ledger Entry. By assigning rotation numbers to any inbound movement, you will be able to use these rotation numbers as a form of tracking ID as stock moves between locations and then is ultimately dispatched and sold.

If your Bevica system is integrated with a third-party warehouse, using the rotation number assigned by the warehouse within the Bevica system also empowers you to instruct them which rotation number to pick from.

Additionally, rotation numbers can be assigned on outbound movements via the Bevica Reservations functionality. This is very useful if you want to specify a particular stock item (Item Ledger Entry) for a particular transaction. This is very valuable when customers have included vintages on their wine list, and therefore want to ensure that they receive that vintage rather than a different one.

As a result of using an effective rotation number tracking platform such as Bevica, you will be ensured total stock traceability and movement visibility.

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