Continia offers software solutions to handle different types of administration processes. All TVision clients can accelerate productivity and automate daily processes with add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. We also use these solution internally for our accounts system.

We offer three Continia solutions:

  1. Document capture
  2. Document Output
  3. Expense Management

Continia Document capture:

This is a useful solution for the automation of your daily document handling. You can automate every step of processing your invoices within Business Central no matter the format. From receiving, registering, approving and archiving. By eliminating manual registration and handling you minimise errors and it is an easy and quick way to search for archived documents. It allows for control and security with full financial audit trails.

Continia Document Output

This will automate the process for sending document distribution directly from Business Central. You can batch-print business files and bulk-emailing sales invoices, reminders, and other business documents. Ready to use email templates are provided and files can either be sent from a specific folder or as attachments. The activity log tracks what is sent and when, so you can schedule batches for specific times to run automatically.

Continia Expense management

This provides effective and accurate handling of expenses – whether you’re submitting your expenses as an employee, or you’re managing them in the accounts team. It can be done via a laptop or on the move via an app with integration into Business Central. It provides a clear overview of all types of digital receipts and incoming expenses such as travel and mileage.

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