Credit Control Notepad screenshot

TVision has recently built a newly enhanced Credit Control Notepad (CCN) add-on for NAV and Business Central.

Previously credit controllers didn’t have a role centre they could choose from. We recognised the need for this as well as a dedicated dashboard view to highlight the key information needed to manage credit issues and prioritise workload. Credit control functionality is now in one easily accessible area.

Credit Control Notepad Features

Before we delve a bit deeper…… Here is a list of the many features included in Credit Control Notepad:

  • A dedicated Profile for Credit Controllers with the most common links they might use
  • A new Customer Card (the ‘Credit Control Notepad’) that blends Customer details, Open Transactions and Statistics on the one Page view
  • Customers can be associated to any number of Credit Controllers. An Auto Association is also available
  • Credit Controllers can view ageing bands instantly against their allocated customers and choose what Ageing Band to use. (Default is 30 Days)
  • The ability to create ‘Actions’ solely for the purpose of Credit Control. These can be used as a ‘To-do’ list to remind a Credit Controller to follow-up on a query. Actions can be linked to the Customer only, or linked to any number of transactions selected for a Customer
  • No limit on the number of subsequent Interactions for each Action
  • No limit on additional notes on Actions. Credit Controllers can diarise interactions in detail
  • Agreed Payments can be made against any number of Invoices for a Customer. Tracking the agreements with due dates. Agreed Payments provide the same features as Actions in terms of Interactions and Notes
  • Both Actions and Agreement Payments are created via a Wizard
  • Debtor Days is a feature to track customer payment performance in terms of the average days taken to pay invoices. This can be used to review current terms agreed. It can also compare against other customers generally
  • Available as an Extension for SaaS or FOB File for On-Prem solution.

Ageing Bands and performance measurements

This is similar to Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) – the measure of the average number of days it takes a company to collect payment after a sale.

The ageing bands view allows credit controllers to quickly identify customers who need chasing. With no need to produce lengthy reports, a list of flagged customers is provided.

Performance measurements averaging days by company and customer also allows credit controllers to measure customers against company averages for payment.

Agreed payments

The agreed payments functionality allows credit controllers to link up different transactions/invoices belonging to a customer, and set payment terms.

For example, if a customer has three outstanding invoices, a call can be made to agree and set a day these will be paid by. This will then appear on the Credit Control Notepad as a task to follow up if the date is missed by the customer.

Credit Control Notepad, setting tasks and interaction logs

Credit Control Notepad - Action Card

This provides a way for credit controllers to set themselves to dos/tasks for customers or linked to transactions selected for that customer. CCN offers a quick and easy way to prioritise customers and tasks.

CCN also makes it possible to create standard interaction logs in CRM that allow other credit control team members and departments to see credit control activities as notes on customer accounts.

This could be particularly useful for sales account managers when talking to their customers, or understanding/building their relationships.

The Credit Control Notepad itself brings all the different elements of the customer together, such as key details and transactions, to enable action by the credit control team. Team members can be assigned to specific accounts and/or clients as an allocation process. As a result effectively managing workload and team capacity.

To find out more, request a demo or have Credit Control Notepad added to your instance of Dynamics, please get in touch for a quote.

We’ll also be running a webinar, ‘Top 5 things you need to know about Credit Control Notepad’ on the 18 March 2020, with Karen Moore and Ian Robinson.

Demonstrating how you can take advantage of this add-on in your day to day activities, register for the 30 minute webinar here.