In the continually changing world of HMRC compliance, it is important to that you stay ahead of the game.One way to go about this is by using a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that manages your duty requirements effectively and efficiently. Here’s five ways the Bevica duty management capabilities make it the dedicated drinks ERP for your business.

1. An easy to manage software solution

From the moment an item is created in Bevica, it holds the information necessary to purchase, produce, manage transfers, and sell both Duty Free and Duty Paid. The system also includes Duty enhancements which make it easy to manage duty changes, sales, and purchase pricing. Date ranged excise duty tables hold the reference information and inventory logic needed to recognise when clearances to Duty Paid are required, creating the necessary stock movements uplifting inventory cost and accruing duty automatically.

2. Real-world stock management capabilities

Whether you are using a third-party warehouse or your own, the stock shown in Bevica always reflects the real-world situation. Stock in the system can be receipted Duty Free and then, depending on its destination, can transferred to another bonded store, exported, with no duty implication, or cleared to Duty Paid.


3. Intelligent scheduling functionality

Have you ever stayed late in the office changing sales prices because excise duty rates have changed? What do you use to make the changes – your trusty calculator and an Excel spreadsheet? With Bevica duty management, updating your item costs in line with duty rate changes couldn’t be simpler. Enter the new duty rates, put in the start date and let Bevica do the rest.

4. Assured company compliance

With Bevica you can be assured that your business will stay compliant with Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) requirements and the Authorised Wholesalers Registration Scheme (AWRS). Record every relevant AWRS URN and the last time it was checked as part of your HMRC Compliance.

5. Effortless sales pricing

Managing your sales prices need not be a headache when you use Bevica. Our sales pricing module will apply the most specific pricing; a campaign price, customer special price, group pricing or list price, making it as easy and transparent as possible to set the prices you want to charge. Inherent duty logic means that you have complete flexibility in how you create and manage prices; either Duty Free or Duty Paid with the system calculating the correct price at time of sale. Sales pricing has never been easier.

Want to find out more?

Developed over the last 20 years and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Bevica is a powerful best practice software solution that has been designed specifically for businesses in the drinks industry. For more information about the Bevica duty management capabilities and much more, contact us.