Woking, UK – 10 March 2022

Yesterday the Bevica team was thrilled to hold their first face-to-face event with existing and prospective Bevica customers in two years at the Grubstreet Author in Central London. The event also marked the official launch of Bevica Select, a new SaaS offering aimed at getting small but ambitious businesses up and running with the Bevica business management solution.

New location for Bevica User Group

The day, which comprised of a customer-focussed Bevica User Group in the morning and an information event for prospective customers in the afternoon, took place at the Grubstreet Author in the heart of the City of London. This venue is the latest venture from the team behind The Brewery. It has long and established links with the drinks industry: its venue rooms are previously forgotten and derelict parts of the original Whitbread Brewery site.

Exciting customer-focussed agenda

In the morning, the Bevica User Group focussed on new and exciting Bevica developments and how they impact the user experience.  Topics included the Bevica roadmap for 2022 and beyond, as well as a remote demo from Lanham Associates on their Demand Planning Solution. In addition, there were two breakout sessions, one with an operational focus covering Predicted Payments and Cashflow and, a technical one on Data integration in the SaaS environment.

Speaking at the data integration workshop, which he led, Andrea Concato, Bevica’s Research Development Director, said: “It is very rewarding to see the hard work our onsite UK-based development team have put into developing our Bevica SaaS product offering and it coming to fruition. Here at Bevica, we are dedicated to continually improving our industry-specific functionality and features.”

Andrea Concato speaking at the Bevica User Group

Introducing Bevica to new prospective clients

In the afternoon, the Bevica team took the opportunity to introduce an exclusive group of prospective clients to the drinks industry feature set available in Bevica. Features showcased included the solution’s financial management, data management, purchase order processing, inventory, and reporting functionality.

Official launch of Bevica Select

The event also saw the official launch of Bevica Select, a new SaaS offering for small but ambitious businesses that want a quick and cost-effective plan for getting up and running with the Bevica business management solution.

The launch of Bevica Select demonstrated how it is a predefined installation package specifically for businesses within the drinks sector. Features include:

  • A defined project plan which, if followed, will allow you to go-live within four working weeks
  • An online training portal with full training environment
  • A production environment with packaged drinks industry features and setup
  • Easy to use data migration templates
  • Standard go-live configuration.

The benefits of choosing Bevica Select include:

  • No large, upfront implementation costs
  • Easy monthly subscription costs (initial setup includes five users)*
  • Rapid installation time (as long as the defined project plan with its project milestones is followed correctly).

Launching Bevica Select at the afternoon Bevica Information Event, Claudio Martell, Bevica Product Director, commented: “We are delighted to be launching this new product offering for the drinks sector today. Here at Bevica, we believe that this is a quick, easy and cost-effective way for businesses to start reaping the benefits of our product’s powerful business management capabilities.

“Work has already started on our first Bevica Select installation and we are eagerly anticipating our second and third clients starting their journeys next month.”

Claudio Martell launching Bevica Select

For more information

Video highlights of the event will be available in the coming weeks. If you attended and wish to see a summary of the day or would simply like to know more, please get in touch.

Edit as of 29 March 2022: Video highlights of the event are now available.

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