Woking, 6 March 2023 – A recent survey into the state of technology within the British wine-making industry has highlighted that the industry is facing two contradictory challenges: finding innovative ways of increasing customer market share while keeping up with levels of supply required to meet increasing customer demand.

The State of Technology in the British Wine Industry survey was commissioned late last year by Bevica, a leading business management software solution created especially for the drinks industry, in conjunction with Wine GB. The purpose of the survey was to assess the state of technology within the British wine-making industry.

Key findings highlighted by the survey included:

  • Respondents feel technology in the next five years needs to help improve routes to market. 78% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they need to improve their direct selling technologies such as EPOS, while 56% agreed or strongly agreed that they need to improve their ecommerce solutions.
  • Another key area for technological improvement was cybersecurity. 74% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that cybersecurity will become an even more important factor over the next five years.
  • Despite the growth of the British wine-making industry over the last decade, many producers are still reliant on basic software tools to manage their businesses. Over 60% of respondents are still depend on Excel spreadsheets to manage their financial and business operations.
  • Key business challenges currently faced include: demand outstripping supply, energy issues and finding suitable employees.

Commenting on the findings, Claudio Martell, Product Director for Bevica, stated: “The results of the State of Technology in the British Wine Industry survey clearly show that technology has a very important role to play in the growth of the industry and the individual wine businesses within it.

“Although our survey was focussed mainly on the role software solutions, such as Bevica, have in the financial and operational running of a business, the survey results also pointed to the wider role technology has to play in wine production. From Wine Internet of Things to providence blockchain technology, electronic labeling to smart wine storage, the valuable role technology has to play in the wine industry cannot be understated. And business management systems like Bevica, need to help organisations modernise their financial and operational practices and, as a result, reap the business benefits that these new technologies offer.”

Simon Thorpe MW, CEO of WineGB, commented: “Our industry is growing rapidly and there are now just under 900 vineyards and 197 wineries in Britain. This survey has highlighted the need for technology to evolve to help support new and expanding businesses. We look forward to working with Bevica to make vineyards and wineries aware of the technology solutions available to them as they grow.”

Announcing the winner of the survey prize draw

All respondents to the State of Technology in the British Wine Industry survey entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. The winner was Duncan Schwab, CEO and Head Winemaker at Sandridge Barton Wines.

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