If your business is in the position of looking for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, one of the key decisions you need to make is whether you go for a generic “one size fits all” solution or invest in an industry specific solution. Industry specific solutions will have all the essential functionality, such as finance, accounting, and business management tools of a generic system. But they will offer features and functionality especially tailored to your industry’s specific business needs. In this blog, we look at seven advantages a business can gain when implementing an industry specific ERP.


1. Lower total cost of ownership

A generic ERP solution will not have all the features and functionality that your business needs to meet the particular demands of your particular industry. This means that the system will require customisation during the implementation phase to add this extra functionality and also when the system is upgraded at a later stage. This increased customisation will mean increased costs.

Meanwhile, an industry specific ERP will already have the features and functionality as standard. Therefore, there should be no hidden customisation costs that will increase the total cost of ownership.

2. Faster implementation

As well as costing more, a generic system with lots of customisations will take longer to implement than an industry specific ERP that has already has the industry features and functionalities included in the standard implementation. This is because the API connectors required for all the industry specific features and functions are already made and “good to go”, thus decreasing the implementation time required.

3. Experienced partner with specialist industry knowledge

One of the key benefits when choosing an industry specific ERP is that you know you are working with a partner who really understands your industry. This partner will generally have worked with, and in, the industry for a long period of time. This means that they know the key industry players, understand your industry’s specific operational requirements and, ultimately, “speak the right language” to ensure your implementation is a success.

4. Faster issue resolution

This in-depth industry expertise of your ERP partner also means that they have the know-how to both identify support issues and problems as they arise and quickly resolve them successfully. This means that ongoing maintenance issues should be limited.

5. Stronger customer focus

Industry specific ERPs are not only created with your business needs in mind, but those of your customers. They will include specific tools and functionalities that have been designed in a way that will make your business more effective and efficient; the end result of which will be happier end-users, your customers.

6. Greater support for industry specific regulation and best practices

Within every industry there are industry specific regulations and best practices that define how business processes in your industry should work. An industry specific ERP will have built-in functionality to deal with both of these and will proactively plan for any changes in the regulations and how these need to be accommodated for in the ERP’s functionality.

7. Ongoing development of the solution

As well as the faster issue resolution benefits mentioned above, working with an industry specific ERP and ERP partner means there will be an ongoing development roadmap for the solution. It is in the best interests of both your partner and you, as one of their customers, for them to continue to improve the ERP solution and ensure that it continues to meet the changing needs of the industry it is serving.

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