Woking, Surrey – 18 July 2023. TVision Technology are delighted to announce the successful go-live of a new client, Swig, using the Bevica Select rapid installation approach.

Swig is an independent wine company, based in the Food Exchange, New Covent Garden Market. Founded by Robin Davis, Swig Wines currently has 14 staff.

Making a move to Bevica, powered by Business Central

Prior to deploying Bevica, Swig used a legacy on-premise accounting software package. The package was not designed specifically for the wine trade and therefore didn’t have an in-depth understanding of the particular business needs and processes required by a wine business such as Swig.

In addition to this, Swig had recently been through a period of significant business growth, moving from a relatively small business to a medium-sized enterprise.

This business growth, combined with using an accounting system that was no longer fit for purpose, meant that when Nella Alberti, Swig’s Head of Operations, joined the company in 2021, she was spending a significant amount of time sitting with her customer service team placing orders rather than taking on the strategic business role she was hired to do.

Commenting on this, Nella said: “It was very clear that if we wanted to continue using our current accounting system, we would need to employ more staff to deal with the orders.

“The alternative was to move to a system that was developed specifically for the wine trade and could cope more effectively with our specific wants and needs. I had used Bevica at a previous employer and knew what the system was capable of. I also knew that many of the Bevica team members at TVision had vast experience and had worked in wine. They understood how the trade worked and made sure that the Bevica system had the functionality required to deal with our unique processes.

“Once we had decided that a change of system was required, we did look at a few different systems. However, in the end, Bevica had the edge over its competition.”

Swig’s successful Bevica Select go live

Swig decided to implement Bevica using the Bevica Select deployment method. They felt its focus on out-of-the-box functionality and the walk-through approach to implementation would suit both their business model and their budget.

Work started on the project in January 2023 and Swig Wines went live with Bevica in late June this year.

Nella continues: “With the move to Bevica, there was a lot to take in. However, the training videos and articles supplied by TVision to walk us through our deployment were very helpful. The Bevica team were also on hand to answer our questions when needed. We always felt like we were the only clients they were looking after, even though we know that wasn’t the case.”

Seamless integration with their Shopify website

A key element of Swig’s deployment project was the integration of Bevica with the company’s ecommerce website which is powered by Shopify. Swig Wines have had a Shopify website since 2020 and are really pleased with the platform as it is continuously being improved and upgraded.

Business Central (which powers Bevica) introduced an API connector to Shopify in June 2022.  This integration was improved further in April 2023 when a number of upgrade features were added to the connector. These included easier price synchronisation, making the Shopify Connect extensible, and some usability improvements.

Despite being ready to go live with Bevica in May 2023, Swig Wines decided to delay the actual change over for a month. This allowed them to implement and thoroughly test the Shopify Connector changes prior to going live.

James Braybrook, Private Client Sales Team Leader, explains: “The updates to the Shopify Connector meant that we needed to tweak certain details before we could go live. Delaying our Bevica go-live gave us the time to work with the TVision team on the best solutions for our business.

“We switched off our online shop and old system at 11am on the Wednesday and we were up and running by 3pm on the Thursday. Orders have been coming through and the minimal errors that occurred were easily resolved.

“What we have now is seamless integration between our Shopify website and our Bevica system. With the Shopify Connector, if we update our prices in one system, they will automatically update in the other. There is no longer a need for any custom development to act as a middle man between the two.”

Watch the following video to find out more from Nella.

Future plans

Now that Swig Wines have had a successful go live with Bevica, their plans are to integrate it with their 3rd party warehouse, start using Bevica’s built-in cellarage and brokerage functionality, and bring more suppliers into the system.

Claudio Martell, Bevica Product Director said: “We are delighted that Swig Wines had such a smooth and successful move to Bevica Select. We look forward to working closely with them on their future integration plans. The Shopify connector improvements, whilst affecting the timing of Swig’s go-live, did make a significant overall positive difference to this project. I am certain Shopify will be appreciated by all our clients who decide to use this e-commerce solution.”

Bevica Select: a rapid installation option for small, ambitious businesses

Bevica Select is our solution especially aimed at smaller and ambitious businesses that want to get up and running with Bevica quickly and cost-effectively.

Features include:

  • A defined project plan that allows businesses to achieve a rapid go-live (on average within four months)
  • Managed in the cloud, accessible from day one with no need for dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Industry best practice training plan with an online training portal
  • Fully configured training environment
  • A ready to go production environment with pre-packaged drinks industry setup
  • Easy to use Excel data migration templates

Want to find out more?

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Bevica SaaS is cloud-based drinks industry-specific business management solution. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and its essential ERP functionality, Bevica SaaS has a unique feature set specially tailored for the drinks industry.

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