As part of our ongoing improvements to Bevica, our dedicated drinks ERP system, we will soon be updating it to include Broking software. This update is part of Bevica’s Wave 1 Release June 2021 and has been timed to coincide, as much as possible, with Microsoft’s own major updates to Business Central, which happen every six months.

The new Broking functionality allows you to manage your paid reserve and en primeur stock, planning what can be brokered negotiating buying and selling prices with the customer before adding their paid reserves to the Broking list.

From the Broking List, paid reserves can be easily sold to new customers or purchased directly by the company. Bevica takes the hard work out of admin. Create a sales order, select your paid reserves to sell, and Bevica will take care of the rest in real-time. Purchase stock, calculate margins, integrate with leading warehouses and manage the transfer of paid reserve from one customer to another with ease.


  • Each Paid Reserve on the Broking list manages its own cost and sales price from Bevica defaults that can be changed where necessary.
  • Unique Paid Reserve numbers let you track what’s been sold where.
  • Any Paid Reserve can be brokered: be that physical stock sitting in a warehouse or en primeur.
  • Buy to Stock lets you purchase to stock for the company.
  • Broking Status Codes allow you to manage which paid reserve are available and at what stage.
  • See provenance, source, condition and history when determining the right market value for any Paid Reserve.
  • Any unit of measure can be brokered.
  • The Customer Broking Worksheet lets you see what paid reserves a customer has on the Broking list or preparing for it and what they’ve sold.
  • All transactions are flagged as Broking for easy navigation and reporting.
  • Export an enhanced Broking List to Excel or make it available on your website. The enhanced list contains additional marketing attributes such as Country of Origin, Region, Sub-region, Style, Drink from/To.

Find out more about our new Broking Functionality

Current Bevica customers can access detailed articles on how to set up Broking software functionality in their Bevica system in Freshdesk. Check out the article.

If you are not currently using Bevica and would like to find out more about it and its Broking capabilities, contact us.