As part of our ongoing improvements to Bevica, our dedicated drinks ERP, we will soon be updating it to include Cellarage Functionality. This update is part of Bevica’s Planned Q3 2021 monthly releases.

The new Cellarage functionality, which builds on Bevicas’s Private Reserve functionality, gives your Bevica ERP system the ability to calculate and invoice your customers for managing their private reserves.


Specific Features:

  • You can automatically create Sales Invoices in bulk, calculating cellarage charges based on case/bottle volumes at any given point.
  • Cellarage Sales Invoices and financial posting are flagged so that they can be easily identified and reported on.
  • Cellarage Rates can be setup for an individual Customer, a group of Customers or as default, at company level.
  • Typically charged per year, Bevica Cellarage allows you to charge at any point for any period.
  • The Cellarage Worksheet allows you to view/check charges before invoicing, you can modify charges giving customers special one-off rates or free cellarage if needed.
  • Full history and audit of previous cellarage charges against your customers paid reserves is available.

Benefits of the Cellarage Functionality

  • Automatic bulk invoicing reduces mistakes and leaves people free to do other productive work.
  • Bevica offers you the flexibility to set up your cellarage rates at different levels as per individual customer requirements.
  • The Cellarage Worksheet lets you refine what you charge your customers.
  • Bevica’s full history and audit trail capabilities will give you financial transparency and improved internal business controls.

Find out more about our new Cellarage Functionality

If you are a current Bevica customer and would like to find out more about our new Cellarage functionality, please contact your Account Manager. If you are new to Bevica and would like to find out more about it and its built-in features especially for Fine Wine businesses, contact us.